Embellished Initials

This was one of most detailed, fun and tedious invitations to work on! This one is extra special because it is mine. We wanted to keep the elements simple but work extensively on the printing processes.

This card bears the initials of our names — Robert Keller & Kimya Gandhi. These draw their inspiration from our common love for Indian decorative lettering. Each inch of the card is filled with small decorative details.



The front is screen printed with a unique split fountain technique that makes a gradient in a single screen. There are four screens layered on one another that are painstakingly aligned. Atop these colourful layers is a gold embossing that brings out all the bright colours of the letters.

We kept the inside of the card simple with careful bilingual typography. The envelopes were two-toned — gold on the outside and orange on the inside. We hand wrote everything in Devanagari, listing all the family members invited. The last bit of detailing we added was to have coloured edges on all the cards a bright happy green.


It was great fun designing and producing this invite and it will always remain one of my most special ones. We do hope our family and friends enjoyed them as much as we did sending them out!

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