Framed in Gold

Wedding invites are a way of exclaiming your love to your family and friends. And what is created and sent with so much enthusiasm sometimes just ends up in the trash. I like to design invitations that have a keepsake element. This wedding invitation was designed for a dear friend and his only brief was to keep it simple yet classy. It’s amazing what can come out of a brief as minimal as that.

Elements of design:

This wedding invitation has two main elements, an outer cover and the main inside card. The outer cover is designed to act like a photo frame once the card is taken out. The invitation uses a shimmering ivory card paper with ornate gold embossing. The ivory with gold make the invitation look simple yet elegant and sophisticated.

Pushkar2F Pushkar1F
This card was featured in the ELLE wedding issue.

Kimya designed this memorable wedding card. Our wedding invitation is not just an card to my guest but an eternal photo frame where you can cherish ur memories. Kimya understands the idea/concept you want to see in your card and replicates it in the exact way. The experience of making my card from start to end was worth cherishing.
— Pushkaraj Deshpande.

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